Saturday, September 26, 2015

Yvonne Jones, A Time To Heal: The Struggles of a Battered Woman on: I'm being watched

     Have you ever been in a room and just sensed that someone was looking at you from a distance? You might not be able to see them, but you just somehow know that they are there. This is another sign of a person who is potentially abusive. I guess you could also title this "Being Possessive." If your partner cannot seem to be away from you at all for any length of time, becomes angry if they can't reach you by phone, accuses you of cheating on them if you are a few minutes late, monitors your phone calls, and I could go on and on; This is not love, this is someone who is controlling, possessive and most likely will be physically abusive. 
     One of the first things someone who is abusive does, is try to get you away from your family. Your family will be the first ones to notice if there is something different,  not quite right with you, or If you start to act strange etc. They become jealous and demand all of your time, pretending that they just love you and want to be near you; yet not wanting to let you out of their sight.
      I couldn't go to the grocery store alone, without having him accuse  me of fooling around with one of the male cashiers and I was 9 months pregnant. If I was a little late coming home then I was cheating or trying to leave  He would listen in on my phone calls and I would get beatings afterwards because of something I may or may not have said to the person on the other end.
      Let me warn you, if you are dating, or in a relationship and you are being watched or monitored continuously then this is abuse. If someone truly loves you, they will trust you, no matter where you go or what you do, with or without them. Next: "Its not my fault."

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