Monday, November 11, 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Well good morning everyone, I pray that your month and day has started out to be a good one. Time fly,s by fast, it's already the 11th day of the month. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. I got up with some friends on my mind this morning as well as some family members, and I just felt led to write this blog this morning. Satan is out to kill, steal, and destroy our lives and he always starts in the home. If he can get the husband and wife against each other then it cause's confusion, with each other, the children, and just life in general. God has a prescribed order for victory. What is that you say? Well its what God's word says about any situation, the way he intended it to be. He has a plan for all of our lives and he has an order for everything to take place and when things are out of order, in the home, or anywhere else then there will be confusion and it won't work. Its sad to say but in most homes today, things are way out of order. I'm sorry if I offend some of you by what I'm about to say, but its Bible so don't blame me. Ladies, whether you like it or not, God's prescribed order for victory was for God to be first in your's and your husband's life, the husband to be the head of the household, you are to be next and the children last. There are some homes where that is taking place and if you look at those homes, most of them are or lets say seem to be running smoothly, because nobody except the people living there know exactly what goes on behind closed doors. No home is going to be without problems, thats just life. I also know that many women have no choice in being the head of the household because they're husband's have left, or just to put it bluntly, are just to sorry to take care of their families. Men are not being the leaders God called them to be and that's a huge problem in the home today. You show me a home where the man is reading the word of God on a daily basis, praying with his family, and making sure all of them are in church weekly, then I'll show you a home that's staying together and running alot smoother than most. That is God's prescribed order for Victory. I'm sorry men, but if you want your wife to love and respect you the way God intended then get in the word and find out what God's will is for you as a husband. What men fail to realize is, most women or lets say most Christian women have no problem loving, honoring, or being submissive to her husband if he is looking to God to help him lead his home. When our home's get right and everything is in God's order then things begin to fall into place. When our homes are not in order, our children are not in order, school's are not in order and everything is chaotic. We as a nation have so much to be thankful for. Regardless of what's going on around us, if we have Jesus Christ living inside of us then we have all we need. He is our leader, our guide and promise's in his word that he will take care of us no matter what. One thing I shared in our church bulletin yesterday was, if you have a spouse, be thankful, and love each other because there are many people who go to bed lonely every night. If you have children, spend time with them, because they won't be children for long, one day you are going to look up and they will be graduating high school and getting married. If your parents are still living, honor them and love them because many have lost their parents. For every thing or person you have in your life, someone else doesn't. God wants us to have joy, peace, and live in harmony with each other. He has to be first in all of our lives before there can be any order at all. I pray that everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving, and no matter what kind of problems you are facing today remember God is already there and he knows your every hurt and every need. He is waiting on you to ask for his help. If your home is out of order, let go of the pride and give God and your husband their rightful place in the home and if you're a man, don't abuse that place because one thing is for certain, you will be held accountable to God on how you lead your family. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!