Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yvonne's Blog

Hello Welcome to Yvonne's blog. If you've come here through my website then you already know about my book. Its called A Time To Heal The Struggles Of A Battered Woman. Every 9 seconds in the United States a woman is being abused, and 1 in 5 teenage girls who say they have been in a relationship, said a boyfriend threatened violence or self harm if presented with a breakup. Abuse is or rather seems to be a never ending cycle and it comes in many forms. Just because someone is not beating you doesn't mean they are not abusing you. Verbal, mental, and emotional abuse is just as harmful and sometimes more harmful than physical abuse. You can put medicine on a physical wound, but only God can heal the hurt of words spoken in anger. You also have sexual abuse, all of which can bring devastating results if a woman continues to remain in that situation for a long period of time. 
     So many people who have never been abused often wonder why women stay in a relationship such as this. I mean why in the world would anybody stay with someone who is beating them all the time or treating them like they are the scum of the earth. It seems that it should be so easy just to walk out and forget you never met this person. In reality its not that easy at all. When I was a teenager I was watching a show on TV and the show was about a woman who was being abused. I made the statement that there's no way that I would ever sit there and let a man beat me like that. The fact is until you've walked in someone else's shoes you don't know for sure how you would act. If you have read my book then you know that is just what happened to me. If you haven't then I encourage you to get a copy especially if you have been abused or know someone who is being abused. If you happen to come to my blog without going to my website then you can go to my website to purchase my book.  I'm just getting started with this blog and will add more as I have time. I invite anyone who would like to share your story with me or just need to talk about something you are going through yourself to do so. I believe God allows us to go through things so we can help others who are going through similar situations. Our choices get us into big trouble sometimes, but God always takes those bad situations and turns them around for our good and to help someone else.