Saturday, October 11, 2014

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Hello everyone, my heart is heavy tonight and I tried yesterday to post something, but my laptop has problems and deleted it all about the time I was getting finished. Must not have been meant for that one to go. I guess you could say my heart is heavy for several reasons. My son who was murdered almost 23 years ago by a man who had been arrested for wife abuse, child abuse and suspected of killing 2 other children other than mine, his birthday was October 6th, he would have been 29 years old. My birthday was on September 27th just a few days before and my mothers was October 2nd. I lost her 3 years after my son. This month hasn't gotten off to a good start. My daddy who is 78 years old went in the hospital the 29th of September throwing up blood, later was admitted to CCU with a diagnosis of a bleeding ulcer. We came closer to losing him than we ever have, my step mother who has been battling gastroperethis for years, has had several stomach surgeries, and now her stomach is one huge hernia, was admitted to the hospital the day they let my daddy go home. She now has an esophagus problem that has to be fixed soon. Hernia's no doctor will touch anymore because she has no stomach muscles at all. Both are home and daddy is getting stronger, but my step mother will still have to have the esophagus surgery soon. My friend Leatha was supposed to go in the hospital September 18th for a herniated disk in her neck and have surgery, instead she went in with severe stomach pain only to find out she has Lymphoma. One month later she is still in the hospital, now in ICU on a ventilator with fluid in her lungs and they can't do Chemo at all because it makes her worse. So if you don't mind please keep all my family and her family in your prayers. Now for the reason for my blog. As you know its Domestic Violence Awareness month, a very sensitive subject for alot of people, a world wide problem thats rarely talked about and highly misunderstood. As I said 23 years ago my son was murdered by an abuser of women and children. Back then there was no education on battered women, no understanding and no smypathy either. I as well as my mother inlaw at the time was there at the time the incident took place but I was unable mentally to stop it. Because of that fact, I too was arrested. The DA said he knew I had nothing to do with what happened and wasn't charging me for what I did, but what I didn't do which was to act at the time it happened. Long story short, I stayed in jail 2 weeks and was released to undergo counseling. 2 years later I was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 21 years in prison. I did 71/2 years and was released on parole. The DA said he was using me as an example as to what happens to women who stay in abusive relationships. Before I went to prison, my counselor suggested that I write down my feelings and the things I could remember about what happened for my trial. My writing continued after I went to prison and later was material I would use to write my book "A Time To Heal: The Struggles Of A Battered Woman." My book has been out since 2011 and as you would guess, its hard to get attention when you are a first time author unless of course you are popular already. My book targets several different types of people. Of course those who are going through, have gone through, or know someone who is going through an abusive situation. Also, those who have lost loved ones at the hands of an abuser or just in general. It targets teenagers in highschool and helps them to realize that we live our lives by the choices we make and all it takes is one mistake to ruin the rest of your life. It targets all people who are dating, starting to date, or just waiting for the right person to come along. I talk about the importance of taking your time to get to know someone, knowing the signs of a potential abuser, and the importance of getting out of that relationship if you see those signs. It speaks to those who are in prison, have been released from prison, and the families involved because our decisions and what we go through not only affects us but it affects those we love. I don't claim to be anybody special, and I don't think I'm any better than anybody else, I just want to help other women and other people not have to go through the pain I've been through in my life because of my choices. If you've been following my post on face book you know I've been posting a message about the Authors Show. I joined that contest in hopes of spreading the word more about my book. If you haven't done so, please click on my page and go to the bottom where it says vote now. It then takes you to another page, you click on my name then go to the bottom where it says submit. I appreciate all the votes I can get. I'm asking everyone who believes that domestic violence is a problem, whether you know someone who has been abused or not to please vote for me. If my story can save the life of one person whether it be man, woman or child then my son will not have died in vain. I appreciate all of your prayers for my daddy, step mother and my friend Leatha. Thanks and God Bless. Oh and I will be at the Christmas festival in Jonesboro next month on the 29th and at the Christmas festival in Clarks on the 15 of next month. Hope to see you there. Thanks and God Bless.